• Posted on 3 Mar 04:29
  • By Glenn Thompson

"As an occasional runner, an all around active person, having my music playing is something that is a great distraction, however having access to my phone was always a pain. I had it on my waistband. In the strap of my sports bra and in those annoying "media pockets" built into the waistband of athletic pants. I could never just click 'next' on my phone because I never had access to it! Now with DareSoar PhoneSilk the new phone sleeve I can do way more than just change the song. I can look at my apps while running to see how far I've come, I can see who's calling me, and even when I'm personal training people and need the timer on my phone for specific workouts, my hands are always free! This is one of the best things an athlete can ask for."‪