Testimonials for the DareSoar Phonesilk

 Perfect for running! From Jennifer VanHoveln:

" I will be using my phone silk this Saturday for my first 1/2 marathon race at the Illinois Marathon. I gave one of the extras that you sent to my running partner who helped me train and he's going to wear it the day of the race, as well. I have washed mine several times and they wash up great! They don't loose their shape, my smart-phone never moves while I run & I actually forget that I even have it on. I truly love this product!!"


USDF Bronze Medalist Support!

Another spectacular review of the DareSoar Phone Silk by Erin Honeycutt, USDF Bronze Medalist:

“I am in love with the Dare Soar Phone Silk! I do a lot of riding by myself and as a safety precaution I keep my cell phone on me at all times. It is usually tucked in the waistband of my pants, slipping and sliding around, distracting me from my horse and my riding. With the Phone Silk my phone stays securely on my arm and I can even answer texts or change music without having to get my phone out. I highly recommend this product!”


Lainey Ashker, Top US Event Rider:

"Just tried my new Dare Soar Phone Silks today while practicing some moves in the sandbox. Really nice to have to listen to your iTunes and easy to answer calls through mesh screen! I def recommend these to my techno savvy equine enthusiasts!!!"


Sherri Tomlinson in the Utah Mountains:

 " I love the phone silk. I have a similar product called SPIband by a company called SPIbelt. Yours however, fills a different need. I wanted to see how DareSoar compared. Nothing exists that is quite like your phone silk. It was very comfortable and easy to use. Traditional arm bands are bulky and have a velcro enclosure. Some prefer that style. I prefer your product."


Great for training! From Kathy Viele:

"Good morning. I used my Phone Silk for conditioning sets on my prelim event horse today. It worked exactly as I had hoped. I have a free Speedometer app on my iPhone, and I turned it on and was able to easily see the screen through the sleeve as I was galloping. The app let me see how fast I was going, so I could fine-tune my feel for what 520 mpm (preliminary cross-country speed) feels like. It was easy, educational, and I was able to ensure my mare got exactly the workout I wanted. I use the Phone Silk whenever I'm riding out alone, because it keeps the phone secure, accessible, out of the way and easy to find. Thank you!"


Kat Wilk, Personal Trainer:

"As an occasional runner, an all around active person, having my music playing is something that is a great distraction, however having access to my phone was always a pain. I had it on my waistband. In the strap of my sports bra and in those annoying "media pockets" built into the waistband of athletic pants. I could never just click 'next' on my phone because I never had access to it! Now with DareSoar PhoneSilk the new phone sleeve I can do way more than just change the song. I can look at my apps while running to see how far I've come, I can see who's calling me, and even when I'm personal training people and need the timer on my phone for specific workouts, my hands are always free! This is one of the best things an athlete can ask for."


Richard Dawkins, Crowdfunding Enthusiast:

"My name is Richard and I’m a regular backer and reviewer of Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects.

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1. DareSoar Phone Silks – Daresoar has created an innovative new phone carrier device for sports activities that we feel is simply far better than the rest !!"...