Today, most of the people across world are health conscious and are taking fitness very seriously. Thousands of determined men and women go to parks for running, cycling, gardening or a gym for more intense workouts. Being active means staying fit, healthy and happy. Many people are thus turning to sports smartphone cases. But because of the shortage of such accessories on the market, unfortunately, it’s hard to find a good one. However, we at Phone Silk managed to do it. In this Blog, we’re going to talk about one of the best-selling armbands for running –Armband for smartphones and its additional features. It is not only comfortable but tracking is made easy by this armband.
Taking into consideration on shortage of sports smartphone accessories on the market, Phone Silk armband looks almost very perfect. Now let’s find out why this is an excellent companion for your smartphone.
Phone Silk smartphone armbands are extremely practical. Unlike other similar accessories which are wrapped around your bicep, this one is wrapped around your forearm. Obviously, this facility puts the smartphone within your reach. So during trainings, it lies in the most comfortable position – plus you can easily control the smartphone with the other arm without any difficulties. You will never miss any calls or notifications and you can also skip music tracks slightly with one single finger movement and you can monitor the status of your fitness results – all these possibilities are resting completely on your forearm itself. By the way, this accessory comes in four different sizes: 8" - 9.5 " inch forearm circumference, 9.5" - 11" forearm circumference, 11" - 13" forearm circumference and 13" - 15" forearm circumference
The materials these Phone Silk smartphone armbands are made of is even more comfortable. Apart from that, the armband itself is made up of knitted, good quality stretchable fabric which is very soft and pleasant to touch. By the way, after a prolonged hard sweaty workout, you can take the armband off and throw it directly into the washing machine. Just make sure always that you wash it on gentle. This determines the Phone Silk armbands.
It is a good looking product as on the armband goes the phone pocket. You need not have to worry
about it during trainings as it is attached very safely and securely. This pocket has covers for the
Smartphone completely but you still can seamlessly, endlessly operate the touchscreen display due
to translucent vinyl. Another aspect that adds more comfort is the headphone jack is easily
accessible through a small hole in the pocket.
The armband isn’t just a holder for your phone – it’s a true protective accessory. As mentioned before, the screen is protected but there is a bigger issue – sweat resistance. We are almost at the end and we have to mention that People, who work out, tend to sweat quite a lot which can affect the functioning of the smartphone. Thankfully, the Phone Silk armband is lined with neoprene of high quality which guarantees 100% safety that protects from any moisture.
Probably they work with any smartphone brands available on the market, including the latest iPhones, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and HTC devices as well as probably with smartphones from some other brands. So before you decide to buy this armband you have to know the dimensions of your smartphone in use.
So, probably, the Phone Silk armbands are the most functional smartphone accessories as well as it is comfortable – it’s also extremely practical and smartphone-friendly.